sábado, 26 de agosto de 2017

Poema 196

Here's to everyone who walked away
The ones who've left me sink in my own tears
To the ones who I cared about everyday
Until it became hard just to watch my fears
I am unable to remember everything
From all of you who've been cruel
But I can still hear the moment of breaking
The one in wich I realized I was a fool
Sometimes I miss the feeling
But to how I've loved it never compared
I'm still alone and dealing
With how I am broken and unprepared

quarta-feira, 9 de agosto de 2017

Poema 195

He lives silently inside of me
I can hear his lullaby but it's not his voice
Like the falling leaves of a sleeping tree
And a few letters of nostalgia words
He took my heart and I can't have it back
I'm not even sure if it's broken
I hold on thoughts of a lovely past
I wish life wouldn't have stole him
Sometimes I imagine how our life would be
If we haven't changed paths
Does our love would still live?
Or separation was always a fact?