segunda-feira, 30 de julho de 2018

Poema 212

Slip your hand under my dress 
You know I don’t wear panties at home 
Kiss me hard and don’t regret 
Keep going until I’m done
Touch all of me with all of you 
Make me gasp and smile 
I’ll bite you hard until turns blue
I can get to intense for a while 
Wake me up with kisses and a slow voice 
Just so you can grab me hard
I’m glad we made the same choice 
To consume each other in light and dark

quarta-feira, 25 de julho de 2018

Poema 211

Did I reached the sky today 
When we touched hands again and again
I certainly did in some kind of way 
The way your soul holds a star and hopes to never escape 
Did I heard my heart beat in my chest 
I prefer to feel yours so strong and fast 
How your breath feels on my neck 
It’s really like I wish I could go back 
Did your body shivered like mine 
Lost in heaven at some ocasional paradise 
Can we just stay in this moment frozen in time 
Where our bodies are connected through a line 

quinta-feira, 19 de julho de 2018

Poema 210

My heart it's so broken it doesn't work
You're not close enough even when inside of me
My face fades with time and tomorrow it's a blur
Standing tall in my glasses I can't see
I wasn't sure if it was life or you or my head
Because I'm always lost in thinking and therapy
But it burnt down all the things I imagined
Things I long for awake and in dreams
Despite today and everyday I still believe in love
Since that's the only light in hell
I can accept the fact that for some I fought
And for most of them I've only fell

Poema 209

You remind me of a cold rain in a summer day
The way it touches your skin and you can chosse
Between happines or a sad way
To feel it still walking in your shoes
You see, I tell you about my whole life
Because I'm not attached to things
With some of them I even try to exorcise
They're not me, just part of my history
I can ignore reason when I'm facing joy
I'm aware of that feeling and how to deal with it
But now that I'm stuck in bittersweet void
I beg you to find a way to be or not be with me

Poema 208

Quantas vezes você precisa se apaixonar até desistir da ideia
Porque uma hora aquilo amarga e te deixa despida
Você que tinha um par vive sozinha em sua alcateia
Os dias não brilham como antigamente ele os fazia
Quantas sessões de terapia são necessárias para se decifrar
Toda a alma e psique que se enlaçam
As angústias contrapondo a vontade de continuar
E a vida que segue além dos percalços
Quem te autoriza a viver algo feliz
Quando sua própria cabeça te nega essa alforria
Onde à noite alguém te abraça e diz
Que a vida faz sentido com a nova sintonia