quinta-feira, 23 de agosto de 2018

Poema 214

I want to tell you to hold me all and tight 
As hard as is possible and as long as your arms can handle
I don’t think I can explain you how it works in my mind 
You’d have to be super powerful and not just human
There are things that I long for who only exist in my imaginary 
Things learned from romance books and 60’ songs 
I’m always trying to lower my expectations and accept reality 
But sometimes it’s hard to change the way you see things
I’ve learned only recently that the best memories are unplanned ones 
I guess you could clearly tell that I am a control freak by that 
I’m some way I think I’m dealing with fantasy and life 
The understanding is flowing better as the days come and go 
This is somewhere between a love poem and a consideration for myself 
Since now they both exist and I’m trying hard to keep them in the right places 
I don’t think anyone can live inside my head as I do
But then again surviving and loving it’s espetacular itself for me

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