sexta-feira, 14 de junho de 2019

Poema 222

I thought I was sinking and missing
And then I found myself in a pool of feelings
And lessons and traumas and all that before came 
Like that man getting out of that cave 
Do you know what hurts the most? 
It’s not being able to lock the ghosts 
I always have to deal with this hurricane 
This big pile of things I became 
I used to wonder how long would it last 
The pain the sorrow the never getting the best
And now I’m finally where I wanted 
Deep down swimming inside and not drowning 
I come here at the bottom a few times a day 
When the air outside hurts and I need to escape
When somebody screams at me
When somebody I love wishes to be free
Maybe thinking straight this is not a pool at all
Did you know the ocean has places still unknown? 
I could live inside myself for a decade before needing to breathe 
But then again I’ve just learned how to dive deep in

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